Forest School is a model for engaging people in “the wild world” where they can be immersed in learning experiences that allow them to take on challenges safely within a woodland environment. The methodology used is focused on the learning process, rather than the learning outcome, whilst allowing the learner to be immersed in the flow of each task in order to acquire a new set of skills using the woodland around them as a resource and stimulus. 


Those who participate in Forest School will be encouraged to develop their social skills, levels of independence, communication skills as well as levels of responsibility for their local environment and their curiosity when engaging with the natural world. 


Being part of a forest school creates opportunities for personal challenges to be undertaken safely and with appropriate levels of support and guidance.  Within the community of the forest school environment the process of taking on these personal challenges can enrich and support the holistic development of any participant.


Learner Centred
Forest School seeks to create an environment where the learner is at the heart of the learning that takes place, where they are part of a community of learners seeking personal development and new learning challenges. 
Holistic development
Forest School seeks to create learners who are resilient, confident, independent and creative. Each Forest school session delivered focuses on holistic learning practices, where the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional needs of the whole learner are considered during the planning process. 
Taking risks 
Forest School seeks to provide oppportunities for learners to take and manage appropriate risks that develop their skills within the natural environment. This might be by being taught how to use tools suitable for a woodland environment or exploring aspects of the natural environment e.g. climbing trees.  

Forest School

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WildTree Learning - Adventurous learning within the natural world


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