What will the participants need to wear to Forest School sessions? 

Each participant will need to wear suitable clothing and footwear for being in the outdoor environment. During wet weather they will need access to a set of waterproofs and wellington boots. You can find kit lists for each season in our links and resources. 

What kinds of activties will be included in Forest School?


There are a variety of activities that can be included in Forest school sessions. Each set of activities will include opportunities for participants to develop their social, physical, intellectual, communication, emotional and spiritual skills. The activities include will use games, creative tasks, team work and the natural environment as a learning tool.   They will have the opportunity to learn new skills such as using tools suitable for a woodland environment and fire building. These skills will always be taught when the participants are ready and can use them safely.  

How can I measure the impact of Forest School on the participants? 

Evaluations will be carried out by the Forest school practitioner after each session. If required a sample of particpants can be

included in some focus observations at strategic points during the Forest school programme. Particpants within the Early years

will have opportunities to have focused observations as part of their Early years portfolio. 

Are there any particular types of particpants that Forest School cannot support? 

Forest school can support all types of learners and participants. During the planning process the needs of the learners involved can be discussed and considered to ensure that their needs are met during each session.  

What types of weather cause Forest school sessions to be cancelled?

Forest school sessions will only be cancelled when high winds and or lightning storms have been forecast. When it is raining shelters will be set up to ensure that the particpants have access to dry spaces during each session.  You can find more information about cancelling forest school sessions in the WildTree learning handbook, which you can find on the policies and procedures and page. 


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